Idea for a CV quantizer

Kevin majmoog at
Wed Feb 28 19:54:02 CET 1996

Haible writes-

>Some time ago there was a question about a simple CV quantizer.
>My answer back then was using an ADC abd a DAC, the DAC having
>much more bits than the 6 or 7 that give you the desired resolution,
>but with only these 6 or 7 bits *connected* to the ADC. This was to
>achieve the desired accuracy which has to be far better than the
>Meanwhile I have found a better technique, both in an old Electronotes
>issue and in the ARP Sequencer circuits.

The Polyfusion quantizer and Oberheim minseq doe the same, high speed
staircase, comparator, s/h method too.

What about an A/D->ROM->D/A? (or was that your original idea?)


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