EM Moog Filter

gstopp at fibermux.com gstopp at fibermux.com
Mon Feb 26 23:35:18 CET 1996

     Ya know that's what I thought when I opened that page - took me about 
     20 seconds to say to myself "hmmmmmm.. no pin 5 on the 3080".
     Betcha it'll work fine on plus/minus fifteen, maybe need a little 
     component change to keep the scale factor to 1v/oct or something. More 
     study required.
     I fergot to look - do they offer a PCB???
     - Gene

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Subject: EM Moog Filter
Author:  Dan Higdon <hdan at charybdis.com> at ccrelayout
Date:    2/17/96 3:10 PM

Ok, I've stared at my March EM for over a week now, and something 
still doesn' jive.  I'm looking at the Moog Filter schematic there 
(powered by +/-12v  Doh!) and I don't get it.  The CA3080 in the upper 
left corner (VCA) doesn't have Pin 5 connected at all, and
the alleged "VCA CV" input doesn't seem to exist.  Also, am I 
to assume that since no part number is mentioned, that any ol' 
quad opamp will work?
This looks like a fun project (slightly easier than R. Jansen's Moog
filter due to easy to find parts), and I'd like to add it to Wally, but there 
are too many unanswered questions.  Also, how would I convert it
for +/- 15v operation, which is what Wally wants to give it.  Can I just expect 
it will work OK?  That doesn't sound like a bipolar transistor design to me! :-)
Any suggestions (other than go find a clue somewhere :-)?
Dan Higdon (hdan at charybdis.com)

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