Patchable Programmable Modular pt2

Clive Jones CJones at
Sat Feb 24 00:43:00 CET 1996

Tom Moravansky wrote;

>> afternoon that communicated to my post (I know. I know). Here's a bit   

>> more info on how my design would take shape. The modules would be   
>> binary coded - *hardwired* not using DIP switches (not required -
>> additional expense). These are just read by the uP to determine the
>> system "configuration" - plug in anywhere, the uP reads the backplane   
>> builds an "image" of the system set-up. Module numbers would have been   

>> something like;
>> Dual VCO - ID# - 01
>> Dual LFO - ID# - 02
>> Dual 12/24db LP filter with adjustable "spider" resonance (tm) - ID# -   
>> Lag processor ID# - 04 (I bet you can't guess were I nicked that   
>> from!?)
>> etcetera
>> 5 bits gives a max of 32 different modules - enough for a discerning   

>> modular enthusiast! Interface. Each module would be limited in it's   

>What happens when someone wants 2 of your fab Dual VCOs or 4 Lag   

I take it you mean "what if you've got 2 or more of the same module in   
the system - doesn't this confuse the uP?" - the answer is no, infact,   
the question never arrises because the uP is repatching to module   
You could have 10 dual VCO's on the backplane if you wanted. If you   
created a patch using all 10, the uP would memorize the module "ID" (type   
only) , the pots, switches, LED's and digitize incomming voltages (ADC)   
and outgoing voltages (DAC to jacks) of each, until it had 10 "sets" of   
VCO parameters. On patch recall it *would not* necessarily use the *same*   
VCO to repatch, it would just use 10 VCO's and program them with the 10   
"sets" of parameters in any order as long as they were all available.

If you find this confusing please tell me and I'll try to clarify it   
still further. I find this system quite simplistic in it's design.

If you were to remove modules on the other hand, the uP would inform you   
"module type "nn" required for this patch" or something along those   


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