MAT 03, Q81 - Heat sensitive?

A.S.P. ms20 at
Thu Feb 22 21:43:45 CET 1996

I have a question regarding these components.  I recently built an EN 
Option 3 VCO.  I first used 3906s for the PNPs and a regular carbon 
resistor for the CV converter circuit.  After I tested everything and 
made sure all was working, I replaced the PNPs with a MAT03 matched pair 
and the resistor with a tempco.  Once I did this the cv input of the VCO 
no longer worked.  

Could it be that I damaged either of the components because I didn't use 
a heatsink?  I can't figure out why the circuit stopped working.  (BTW, I 
did check the pinout of the MAT03).


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