Designing a Patchable Modular Synthesizer with Memory

Clive Jones CJones at
Thu Feb 22 04:11:00 CET 1996

Hi Saul

>i have been thinking about this as well for quite some time, and i
>thought i'd share some ideas on the patching system.  although your
>proposed system is QUITE usable, and preserves physical patchcords, i
>think it would just as intuitive and easier to use a different system.
>by a uP controlled matrix... with input/output vc gate (etc) buttons on   
>modules.  hit a square wave out button from vco1, then the VCA input,   
and the
>matrix programmer connects the patch.

Yeah - I like that idea, but, I did want to preserve the patch leads as   
you say, otherwise I felt it would lose it's appeal as a patchable   
modular synth. How would you *show* via the front panel the actual   
routing source/destinations with your patching concept? My idea involved   
storing patch info especially for those who spent hours constucting a   
patch but who could never repeat it. It would always default to a   
"manual" mode where it acted as a normal patchable modular on power up -   
the modules just communicate with each other on a digital level, which,   
would be quite transparent to the user.

>interfacing to other instruments would not necessarily be lacking
>either... an "interface" module could provide several inputs and ouputs
>(if not quite a few), and then patched in and out like any other module.   

>just an idea so far... since i know enough about electronics to make a
>couple of fun modules, but not enough to do any digital work such as   
>patching scheme or the necessary d/a conversions...

Perhaps we can throw this into an open arena - list members can put   
forward their design ideas. Even list members who are not very good with   
soldering irons should be encouraged to come forward with their own ideas   
 - some good designs usually come from forums like this. Sorry Stefan -   
maybe I was too hard on you  earlier - you see I'm having a bad hair day!   
(don't ask).


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