Designing a Patchable Modular Synthesizer with Memory

Ursula c651905 at
Wed Feb 21 19:35:50 CET 1996

i have been thinking about this as well for quite some time, and i 
thought i'd share some ideas on the patching system.  although your 
proposed system is QUITE usable, and preserves physical patchcords, i 
think it would just as intuitive and easier to use a different system.
by a uP controlled matrix... with input/output vc gate (etc) buttons on the 
modules.  hit a square wave out button from vco1, then the VCA input, and the 
matrix programmer connects the patch.  

interfacing to other instruments would not necessarily be lacking 
either... an "interface" module could provide several inputs and ouputs 
(if not quite a few), and then patched in and out like any other module.  

just an idea so far... since i know enough about electronics to make a 
couple of fun modules, but not enough to do any digital work such as this 
patching scheme or the necessary d/a conversions...


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