AW: RE: (2) DIY Digital Scanning ... and MS-20

Haible_Juergen#Tel2743 HJ2743 at
Thu Feb 22 03:18:00 CET 1996

>I think I missed something somewhere.  Please, tell me, WHY are you
>building your own keyboard scanner, when MIDI keyboards can be had so
>cheaply (you may have a few laying about)?

Similar question: Why should anybody build a MS-20 filter, when there are
so many MS-20's around?
I don't know the answer; but I did. Did the first test with mine last night
(bare circuit board, no front panel so far!), and it did sound ... well, 
just like
a MS-20. Sold my MS-20 a few months ago; now this becomes part of
JH-3 Modular.
(No, don't ask for schematics - it's *exactly* the same as in the MS-20
service manual. Even took some efforts to get these 33uF coupling
capacitors ... not that I believe a 47u would have made much difference,
but you never can be sure ... after all the MS-20 filter lives from its
limitations, so I made sure to build no overkill into the design at all ...
besides this balanced input stage ... MS-20 filters *rule* for external
signal processing!)

> Btw, anybody got any ideas on how to steady my nerves before attempting
> Juergens OB8 filter mod on my own baby?

You will hate me, if You have the "visual experience" in the end, won't you 


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