Tempco Resistors for Sale

Christopher List Christopher_List at sonymusic.com
Tue Feb 20 16:22:47 CET 1996

Oh Frabgious Day, Calloo Callay!

I just got a letter with 25 tempco resistors. I am selling 15-20 and some are 
already allocated. For those who don't know, these are the ones used to make 
the electronotes Tri-Square VCO tempature stable. They must be special ordered 
directly from the manufacturer. I've gotten friendly with the folks at 
KRL/Bantry, so if I run out, I'll order another batch of 25. 

They are 2K, 3500ppm/C, 0.5% resistors. I got them for $5.75, so I figure an 
even $6 is what I'll charge to cover the cost of a stamp.

If anyone is interested, let me know....

- CL
[chortal chortal joy joy]
[chortal chortal joy joy]

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