3038 Waveform Generator HELP!

NegatvNein at aol.com NegatvNein at aol.com
Tue Feb 20 02:36:31 CET 1996

I ordered some of those Harris 8038 precision waveform generator VCO chips. I
built some test circuits and found that it worked quite nicely except for the
"sine" wave which actually comes out as a dememented ramp type wave. The
datasheets were extremly open ended and i have been having trouble designing
a circuit that fits my needs (i.e. signals from about .01 hz  to 20 mhz, duty
cycle from 1%/99% to 99&/1% or there abouts, as well as a standard 1 volt per
octave VCO operation) I would be grateful if someone could help with precise
component valuesand circuit design.

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