Obie and OB-Xa stuff

Clive Jones CJones at
Fri Feb 16 18:04:00 CET 1996

>I've heard this about 90% of the time, but occasionally someone will say
>they think the black and gray SX's are related to the X and the black   
>blue ones are related to the Xa.  Mine's a black and gray.  Maybe I   
>ask the whole list about this.  If anyone knows when each of these was
>released, that might help.  The voice boards have dates on them (1981 I

The OBX-a was released in December 1980 (the X in June 1978), the OB-SX   
definately contains X-a voice cards. The reason for the colour(UK) or   
color(US) changes in the case may have been due (extremely *wild* guess   
here) to the SX being released before the X-a .I don't believe the early   
SX's had the X voice structure, as, this would have meant some hardware   
changes and a firmware revision change to deal with the X-a cards. It got   
me thinking that perhaps the X-a protoypes had the dual colour scheme of   
the X(?), where's an ex-Obie employee when you want him? Then again I   
could be talking complete and utter nonsense - which is usually the case   
as I am partially brain damaged.


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