Obie and OB-Xa stuff

Rob robls at
Thu Feb 15 21:31:02 CET 1996

Hi Larry,

>Hi, thanks for the fast reply!

Glad to be able to.  Sometimes I can't keep up with the list.  For that
reason I've missed out on the Electro-Notes distribution.  I figure I'll
get to it when I have some time.

>I've heard this about 90% of the time, but occasionally someone will say
>they think the black and gray SX's are related to the X and the black and
>blue ones are related to the Xa.  Mine's a black and gray.  Maybe I should
>ask the whole list about this.  If anyone knows when each of these was
>released, that might help.  The voice boards have dates on them (1981 I

This makes sence to me.

>> the front pannel).  Any proper size dip switch should work fine.
>Same place on the SX.  How did you desolder that sucker?  It's not
>socketed and it's tight up to the board.  I just have a cheap bulb-style
>solder sucker and there's too little solder on each pin for it to suck

Firt pull all the knobs off.  Then remove the control board.  Use a small
regular (flat) screw drive to apply a light pressure on the switch and
start heating up the pins.  After a while you should be able to work the
old switch out.  Then use your solder sucker to suck out the old solder.
You may have to add some to get the old stuff out.

Radio Suck sells a blue aluminum sucker that works pretty good.  It's less
then $20.00, maybe $14 or something.


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