Obie and OB-Xa stuff

Rob robls at
Thu Feb 15 20:56:18 CET 1996

Hi Larry,

>Do you have any info on the OBSX?  I was telling Jeurgen about my ailing
>SX (all voices fail autotune; at the least it has a busted voice-select
>dip switch) and he's going to send me some info on the OBX autotune
>algorithm.  We're not sure what the exact relationship is between the OBSX
>(of which there were at least two versions) and the X and Xa.  What I'm
>really looking for is info on the SX autotune algorithm.

It's always been my understanding that the SX was a preset version of the
Xa.  I had one many moons ago.  I know that they made two versions of the
case.  One in black and gray, somewhat like what the X looks like, and one
in the black with blue lines like the Xa and 8.  I don't know if they
changed the insides.

The friend that I gave the SX to has problems keeping it in tune.  I
regularly have her visit a friend of mine that tunes it up for her.  Your
problem may be that your voices are too far out of tune for the synth to
auto tune.  Just a guess.

I replaced the dip switch on my Xa because it was messed up.  They get old.
Mine was keeping voices from turning on.  It's a pretty simple fix.  On
the Xa the dip switch is on the control board (the one with the knobs for
the front pannel).  Any proper size dip switch should work fine.

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