Obie and OB-Xa stuff

Rob robls at
Thu Feb 15 19:40:51 CET 1996

Hi Haible,

>And, does someone know how the autotune works in the intermediate
>model, the OB-Xa? (The real Jump synth, after all ...)
>Any comments welcome,

I have the docs somewhere for that puppy.  It's just a matter of finding
them.  I had them here at work but we just moved so I have yet to find
everything.  Onec I find them I'll take a look.  Is there anything in
particular I should look for that woul explaine the differance?

Your filter mod work is very intresting.  Please do post the particulars.
At some point I'd like to try it on my OB-Xa.

Thanks and keep up the cool stuff,  8.)


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