Why do older Obies sound fatter?

Cord Mueller cord at lance.colostate.edu
Thu Feb 15 17:56:39 CET 1996

>Asuming the OB-X uses a quite high pitch for autotune (but here I'm only
>guessing; please correct me!), and also assuming a certain amount
>of omnipresent scale error, You'd have exactly what you want for
>a fat sound after hitting autotune: Highs iin track, Lows beating.
>On a OB-8, you have *everything* in tune, and it comes to real life
>only a few minutes later. (I rarely hit autotune, therefore)

How to turn a Xpander in tune to an OB-X in tune????

Open the hood and blow cold air inside. That has a tremendous randomly
effect on the pitch of the VCOs!!! Better, take a modrouting and put alittle
or more amount(it depends how old the OB-X is) on the pitch of one
oscillator. BTW, you also can choose the key where both are in tune! 

What did we learn??? Neil should hack the software and build in a OB-X tune
option!!!!!! Neil, did you hear this?????


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