F-V converter and Ring Mod. stuff

Haible_Juergen#Tel2743 HJ2743 at denbgm3xm.scnn1.msmgate.m30x.nbg.scn.de
Thu Feb 15 22:13:00 CET 1996

>     One of the ring mod circuits in the Electronotes PCC that's being
>     mailed around it built around a couple CA3080's. This design uses an
>     inverting VCA and a non-inverting VCA in parallel on the X input, and
>     when the Y input is positive the non-inverting VCA is turned on and
>     when the Y input is negative the inverting VCA is turned on. Plenty of 

>     places to add tweaks.

This was in a rather early EN issue. They came with a one-3080 circuit
later. Quite simple design (kind of proud that I have devellopped
almost the same circuit for JH-1 independently, btw.).  I can make a
little .GIF if You like ... but all in all, a MC1496 is the better solution,
and almost as available as the 3080.


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