CEM chips

Jeremy Brookes jezz at mbox.gaiacom.co.uk
Wed Feb 14 09:56:26 CET 1996

Hi there, 
        I've got a few queries about some of the CEM chips for analog synth
stuff. Some kindly soul pointed me in the direction of OnChip Systems as a
supplier and I've got a price list out of them (all 15 dollars). As I'm in
the UK though it's going to take me a while and extra cash to get the parts.
I'm aware of the CEM 3340 oscillator but there seems to be a lot more parts
available now. Would I be better going for a CEM 3374 Dual Oscillator over
two CEM 3340s? Has anyone got any experience of these parts and can
recommend some good devices to start with. As it's going to cost me a 10
dollar charge to get a US money order, I would like to make one big order.
Any one able to help or know of any other suppliers who'll take credit card
orders to save me the cost of a money order.

Many thanks in advance.

Try my website @ http://www.gaiacom.co.uk/users/jezz/
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