2N3819 ?

Joachim Verghese jocke at netcontrol.fi
Thu Feb 8 18:00:13 CET 1996

On 8 Feb 1996, Christopher List wrote:

> I'm wondering if anyone knows off the top of 
> their heads if the MPF-102 would work as a replacement for a 2N3819?

Yes, it probably would, especially if it works as a switch and
doesn't have to be selected to match some particular parameter.
Be sure to check the pin-out, though, the MPF102 should be
D-S-G (looking at the flat face, counting from left). The 2N3819
is another story, since every manufacturer seems to use a different
pin-out configuration.

The nice thing about JFETs is that because of their internal symmetry,
Drain and Source can be interchanged. (Which minimizes the chances
of screwing up if your in a hurry to replace the devices :).


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