Idea: Reissued Roland Modulars As Kits

becker fred mach25 at
Thu Feb 8 07:26:32 CET 1996

Do you think if we all emailed to the right contact at Roland, we could
convince them to reissue the System 100 modules and System 700 panels as
kits?  As a bare minimum, we could get by with the front panels, required
unique sliders/knobs/switches, schematics, PCB board layouts and parts
lists.  As a more complete kit, they could include all the electronic parts
and cabinetry.  At the utmost, they could include every part from the
original design.

All they would have to do would be find the tooling to make their panels and
locate a stockpile of their old sliders/knobs/switches.  Maybe they even
have a stockpile of unused panels, who knows?

Roland is one of the few modular producers that is still around as a
company. I'm sure they have some kind of archives about these synths.

Do you think we could convince Roland to license this to someone else if
they didn't want to do it themselves?  (Hello John...)

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