ADSR circuit

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Wed Feb 7 20:00:12 CET 1996

> The diode may be a good idea, depends on your normal settings of the 
> Release pot.  If it was set to zero then you would be discharging
> C1 for the "high" duration of the C2/R15 pulse.  

Ah.  That's what I was forgetting, after the pulse the NOR input will go back 
down to 0 as long as the gate's on.

> But higher settings
> would lessen the noticeability of the "glitch" as the RC pulse is so
> short.  And I suppose there are those that would say "wow, that little
> glitch is cool! don't change it!" 
> I looked through my stuff and found that this circuit originally
> appeared, without the gate/trigger conditioning, and in fact without
> trigger Anything, in an EDN or whatever design note.  I added the
> trigger input, conditioning, and all the diodes etc.  
> So, I'd probably add the diode.

I suppose one could always try it with and without the diode and see what they 
like best.  (Novel idea :)
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