AW: Re: OB-8 goes multimode ... maybe

Cord Mueller cord at
Wed Feb 7 19:11:03 CET 1996

>At the moment, I run the whole OB-8 thru an external SEM-type filter,
>controlled by an ADSR which gets a single-triggered gate from
>the Obie (via Kenton Pro-2). I like the notch filter here!
>You can read in magazines every now and then, that a notch filter
>is "quite subtle", "barely audible", even "useless" - but that's
>nonsense. It may be true for static use (the ear gets accustomed
>to the notch in the spectrum), but not for dynamic use. A percussive
>envelope on a notch filter is very effective if you process a broad
>pad sound!


I really came up with some nice and full pad sounds using the notch filter.
The trick is to put on a lfo on it to avoid the static phase you normally
get with an envelope. So first I modulate the filter with an envelope and
than with a delayed lfo. To make the pad more interesting you can sweep or
ramp the resonance with a very slow attack. BTW, you really get nice effects
out of a noctch with high resonance and lfo on it. It cycles the chord you
play like an appegiator!!!!! ( I guess next time I post this on the
expansion list!)


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