Protoboard layouts

Christopher List Christopher_List at
Wed Feb 7 09:53:50 CET 1996

I'm very sorry to say that I owe the folks of this list an apology. I've gotten 
responses from several people regarding the protoboard layouts I've done. I 
offered up the layouts in .GIF format - without knowing that I can't get them 
there! I have Visio v1.0 (they're up to 4.0) and it only exports to "Windows 
Metafile format" - When I open these files in Corel (to convert to .GIF) it 
looks kinda crappy and some of the text is missing.

So here's the deal, I'm either going to:
1. Get the newest release of Visio and hope it can export to .GIF (I could use 
more features anyway)
2. Do labor-intensive retouching in Corel (a big drag) - which means you'll 
have to wait a while before I can send you the goods. 

In the meantime, I can still fax them to you, or, if you have Visio, I can send 
you the .VSD files. Faxing is the best, because you should really have the 
original schem along with the protoboard layout when building - just to make 
sure you get all the connections right (my layouts have a lot of components on 
the top that cross over leads on the bottom).

- I've kept all the mail of those who've sent requests for the day if / when I 
can properly convert the files...

- Sorry,

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