AW: Re: OB-8 goes multimode ... maybe

Haible_Juergen#Tel2743 HJ2743 at
Wed Feb 7 23:50:00 CET 1996

>     I have the impression that someday your OB-8 will look like something
>     out of a Mad Max movie.

I hope not at the outside, at least!

>     I put a "noise level" knob on mine on the rear panel, so the noise is
>    still there with variable (but not programmable) volume.

Good idea ...

>     If I were you I would make sure that the 4/4 voice split/layer
>     functionality is preserved,

That's easy. Everything on voice level is there two times, strictly
separated on the two voice cards. (Even the final summing amps
are there twice, and the two halves are then summed together
*passive* (with resistors) ...

BTW, I promised to look up how a "OB-7" (with defective voice)
would work in Dual mode. No, it doesn't to the 3-against-4 voice
assignment cycling 8-(   - if you have 3 good voices on one board,
the whole thing will only play 3 notes a time in Dual mode.
(Would have been *too* nice ...)

>     I like the notch idea. These are hardly ever used, and sound quite
>     interesting!

At the moment, I run the whole OB-8 thru an external SEM-type filter,
controlled by an ADSR which gets a single-triggered gate from
the Obie (via Kenton Pro-2). I like the notch filter here!
You can read in magazines every now and then, that a notch filter
is "quite subtle", "barely audible", even "useless" - but that's
nonsense. It may be true for static use (the ear gets accustomed
to the notch in the spectrum), but not for dynamic use. A percussive
envelope on a notch filter is very effective if you process a broad
pad sound!


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