Question concerning level matching

Tomy Hudson wizrad at localhost
Wed Feb 7 00:11:56 CET 1996

I just purchased a MIDI-controlled 16x16 audio patch bay and now plan
on rack mounting some old footpedals (distortion pedals and the like)
and some home-built synth components (CEM 3379 panner/VCA/VCF). Most
of my newer rack effects support switchable +4/-20 line levels. While
the patchbay won't allow summing of inputs, it will allow a single
input to drive multiple outs. In the interest of being able to route
anything into anything (modular fever), I would like to convert the
stompboxes to line in/out levels capable of driving mult'ed outs. I
assume I would need to attenuate the signal going into the stomp
boxes, possibly using a trimmer;

                ___________ to effect

and then add a preamp on the output. I have tons of  5532 opamps
laying around, and planned on something similar to Anderton's preamp in
EPFM.  What problems will I have concerning impedence matching? How
will this affect the sound of something like a fuzz face? Is this
something simple I'm making complicated, or is it something
complicated I'm over-simplifying? 

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Tomy (WizRad at

BTW, I originally posted this only to bode at, thinking that most
of the people were on both DIY and bode, but I notice most of the
traffic is on DIY now. Is bode still valid?

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