gate voltage and logic stds

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Tue Feb 6 21:30:56 CET 1996

     Remember Juergen that we're talking about ADSR generators, which 
     typically operate exclusively between ground and the positive supply 
     You're right about BBDs - my home-built 4096-stage analog delays run 
     between -15 and ground, as shown in EN. If you happen to know any more 
     details on why -15 is preferred, please share your thoughts because I 
     sure as heck can't figure out why it would make a difference since the 
     electrons are flowing in the same direction! Maybe fewer (smaller) 
     noise spikes on the ground side???
     - Gene
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Subject: Re: gate voltage and logic stds
Author:  Haible_Juergen#Tel2743 <HJ2743 at>
at ccrelayout
Date:    2/6/96 6:05 PM
I've seen designs with +/- 7.5 volt "auxiliary supplies" for all kinds of 
CMOS switches. I think KORG have done this now and then (+/-15 V and
+/- 7.5 V sub-supply).
CMOS circuits that are used to clock BBD lines are often connected 
to GND and -15 V, because that's the preferred constellation for 
those (N-MOS ?) BBD chips.

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