MCV1 & 8 Schematics

Erik The ViKing E.G.P.Schuijers at
Fri Feb 2 20:07:58 CET 1996

> Maybe I've missed some posting, but what exactly is
> the MCV1 & 8?
> Is it perhaps a Midi to CV-converter, 1 & 8-channel?

Yes it is a Midi to CV-converter. I have both the schematics for one and
eight channel conversion. (I only haven't got the Eprom dump.)

If anybody is interested in the schematics give me your snail-mail address.
If you live outside of Europe I would like something in return, but it
doesn't have to be a complete, complicated schematic; a simple one would do
just fine as long as it isn't from the EN or from the WWW (coz' I've already
stripped it.)

Erik The ViKing
ViKingdom Comes

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