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Wed May 31 17:44:57 CEST 1995

On Wed, 31 May 1995, Michael Zacherl wrote:

> > Y-ellow all.
> > 	I take it we can talk about digital issues here as well. I stoped
> > building analogue stuff years ago. <---Obvious flame bait.
> > Actually I have nothing against Analog gear. Where would we be without it?
> > Just that I wondered if people actually build digital wigits or am I the
> > only one?
> How do you think about the Clavia Nord Lead???
Actually I've never even heard of one b4 people started talking on AH. I
gather from that, it is designed to emulate analog processes in digital. I
guess there is a need for that. Providing that it's cheap enough. I
gather though that this synth costs an arm and a leg and probably a

Regardless of wether my assumtions are correct, The only reason I could
see for wanting to emulate analogue synths in digital would be cost. If
digital gear cost's more or isn't at least an order of manatude
more complex and flexable, there's no point. The whole reason for digital
audio is cost verses complexity. You can put a million transistors on a
digital chip with out the need for any analogue components (Sands for PSU
decoupling) CDs arent necessarilly better than analogue in many respects
but they are certainly cheaper to make. This fact is not often mentioned. 

Give me digital gear that is different and exciting and flexable. I don't
want digital gear that does the same stuff as my analogue gear. I'm only
interested if it does something different. 

Be chill.
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