Rick Jansen sscprick at
Wed May 31 09:55:12 CEST 1995

'lo list,

I have built an Elektor Formant modular analogue synthesizer,
a project published by Elektor in 1978/79. Currently it consists
of 6 VCO, 2 VCF, 2 24dB VCF, 4 adsr, 2VCA, 1 noise, 1 ringmod,
1 envelope follower, 1 S&H, 1 Resonance Filter and a Moog VCF.

You can find a more extensive report on my WWW page.

I have just finished a Moog VCF, the original low-pass transistor
ladder filter. It uses a temperature controlled exp generator
and is connector-pin-compatible with the original Formant VCF.
The schematic and a PCB preview can be found on my web page too.
Note that the board is still a preview; I have ordered it, but 
haven't received it yet for testing.

Currently I'm working on the design of my own VCO. Ok, it has 
been done before, but I'll have a go at it too :-) It is to 
feature a heated exp generator with an LM394 dual transistor
in an oven. I'll write this to the list in a separate message.

Rick Jansen
rick at
S&H's a module and s&h's looking good

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