Copyrights of synthesizer circuits

Michael Zacherl - Bacher Systems EDV GmbH mz at
Tue Jun 20 22:43:15 CEST 1995

> I'm not a lawyer either, but my feelings are that if a person or
> company has put work into something you can't simply grab it 
> and start making money with it. The patent on the Moog ladder may 
> be expired, but to me that doesn't mean you can now sell "Moog" 
> filters. I have made a Moog filter too, but I feel it cannot be
> used for commercial purposes, i.e. manufacturing and selling it.

well ... The Studio Electronics SE-1 uses this 'Ladder Technology'
the Doepfer A-100 Modular System does as well (it's gonna be released
these days, FCS date is June/95).
These are things which make me confused on that issue ...



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